Possible Status on AICaller and what they mean.

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AICaller provides 2 fields called status and statusExtraInfo You can use values of these fields to understand what happened on the call at a higher level.

status field -

We have a status field that is a string and can have the below-mentioned possible values -

  1. queued - When you create a new call, its added as queued and it will be triggered in some time.

  2. ringing - When AICaller has triggered the call and the receiver's phone is ringing.

  3. inProgress - When the receiver has picked up the call and the conversation is in progress.

  4. busy - When the receiver's phone was ringing but they chose to cut the call without picking it up.

  5. failed - When AICaller tried to call but it did not connect, most likely because the provided number was invalid.

  6. noAnswer - When the receiver's phone was ringing but they chose to not pick up.

  7. cancelled - When the call got cancelled due to other reasons, while being queued or after ringing before in progress.

  8. completed - When the call was answered and has ended normally.

statusExtraInfo field -

Once the call is answered, there some standard things that can happen on the call, like the number was sent to voicemail, or it was and IVR etc. We use a separate json field statusExtraInfo which give more standard info about what happened on the call. The JSON has three optional properties -

  1. statusCode - this is a string that informs you about what happened on the call. Here is the list of possible values for it -

    1. ENDED_NORMALLY - The call was picked up by a human and the conversation was normal.

    2. IVR_DETECTED - The call resulted in IVR which was then immediately ended.

    3. VOICEMAIL_DETECTED - The call resulted in voice mail and the AI delivered your configured voice mail message.

    4. DO_NOT_CALL - The call was picked up by a human and s/he was unhappy about the call and did not want to be contacted again.

    5. CALL_LATER - The call was picked up by human who was busy and asked to call later.

    6. CALL_FAILED - If there was an error this status code is saved.

    7. BLANK_CALL - The call was picked up and cut before anything could be said or heard by AI.

  2. dateTime - If the statusCode is CALL_LATER then this is the ISO date time you should call again. If the user says a date or time, it is used here, otherwise, the value will be exactly 24 hours later.

  3. message - If the statusCode is CALL_FAILED then this is the value of the error message which has help debug issues if any.

These fields in combination can help you understand the true result of the call at a high level with analysis of the call transcripts. If you wish to extract more info, the transcripts of the call are available and you can utilize them to do further manual or Ai-based analysis.

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